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Welcome to the Technosaurus website
Technosaurus is a young innovative, specialized Swiss company leading in the field of real analog synthesizers and sound processing.

Mission Statement
Technosaurus’ aim is to offer its customers maximum analog sound quality based on todays technology. Only the best electronic components are used, guaranteeing real „Swiss Quality“.

After several years of intensive development work, the first analog synthesizer named SELECTOR was produced in 1996. This high-end modular synthesizer is the first of its kind. It is designed especially for professionals and users who demand that extra sound quality and high ergonomic features.

In 1997 Technosaurus expanded its product line to include low-budget instruments and created the smallest analog synthesizer in the world, the MICROCON. This mini-synthesizer proved to have the same sound benefits as its big brother, the SELECTOR - but integrated into a very compact size.

A short time later the ideal complementary to the MICROCON was developed: the CYCLODON. This micro-sized 16-step analog sequencer offers direct access to the individual functions and, used with the MICROCON, forms the ideal play station to "plug 'n' play".

Technosaurus utilizes only discrete circuits and, as opposed to most manufacturers, no all-in-one chip solutions.
As a result, the unique Technosaurus sound is achieved and the future-proof features of all the modules secured.

And, for those with exclusive requirements, custom-made solutions are one of our specialities.

Now that you know more about the Technosaurus family , have an in-depth look at our web-site. Convince yourself of the pure analog sound of Technosaurus!


- - - NEWS - - -

the new Small Monster

Technosaurus is pleased to present the latest unit of our Small Monster Series:

This flexible Analog Multi Effect Processor offers various sound effects such as Ringmodulator, Dual Parametric Equalizer and Overdrive, all combined in the compact design of our Small Monster series at an affordable price. The EFFEXON is a very useful addition to all electronic instruments like guitars, keyboards and organs as well as any other elelectronic sound source such as CD-players, turntables or mixers.
Of course, the EFFEXON is also an ideal complement to our other Small Monsters - so why not build your own analog modular table top system!

For more info please refer to our details...

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Quotes on Technosaurus recommended high quality products:
"The sound quality is unsurpassed"
Sound On Sound (GB)

"The sounds we heard were fat, fat, phat !"

Keyboard (USA)

"It most definitely should be placed at the top of the family tree of modular analogue synthe- sizers."

Technologica (GB)

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